Application to become the next President/ Vice President Spring 2021

February 11, 2021
Application to become the next President/ Vice President Spring 2021

General information about the European Young Engineers

European Young Engineers (EYE) is a membership organisation for young engineers of all disciplines within the European Higher Educaton Area (EHEA). Find more information in the About section.

You can apply here: EYE Sping 2021 Vice President Application Form. The deadline for applications is 26th March 2021!

Every vice president candidate can only apply for one department at a time.

If you want to apply for the presidency, you can also choose a vice president position to automatically apply for if you will not be elected.


General information

The President takes lead of the management board and the Vice Presidents take responsibility to lead one of the EYE departments, to maintain the current operations and to develop new ideas to fulfill the vision of European Young Engineers in being the voice of young engineers in Europe. All Vice Presidents report to the President of EYE. They will regularly report back to the EYE Council about their work. The ongoing exchange with other Vice President to ensure the smooth interaction in order to nurture the overall operations of EYE should be the main focus.

Please always feel free to get in touch with the current vice presidents about more details or more detailed objectives as they have the best experience in their position.


Role descriptions:

Vice President of Events

Vice President of External Relations

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Human Resources

Vice President of Member Management

Vice President of Public Policy

Vice President of Public Relations


President of EYE



Application requirements

All applicants must complete the Application Form which will ask you for some personal data in order to let our Council members know who you are. This information will be stored within our HR database. You must also submit your CV and a letter of motivation, not exceeding one page and addressed to the current President of  European Young Engineers MTÜ.

You should also submit a short video to acccompany your application which will be watched by the Council Members ahead of the election process during their meeting in April 2021. The required video is used for the Council members to see who you are before the actual conference to save time during the voting process.

If you are new to EYE, we strongly recommend that you spend a little time on our website to get a feel for what we are all about. Vice Presidents are elected for a 12 month term with the possibility to be re-elected for a second term. The role is demanding and requires constant attention as you are managing an entire department with key reporting lines and responsibilities.

The President will be elected for two years.

The Human Resources Department reserves the right to change the application requirements with the confirmation of the Management Board at any time during the application period.


Non-Disclosure Agreement and Data Consent sheet

If you are successful, you will be required to attend an in depth onboarding process which will involve signing our Non-Disclosure Agreement and Data Privacy policy. You will receive these documents by email if successfully elected. Once the application was successful, every candidate will need to go through an onboarding process and will need to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement sheet and the Data privacy sheet. You will need to return these promptly after receiving them.



Please don’t hesitate to contact the Human Resources Department via e-mail at any time: