EYE conference visit of French Engineering Association BNEI

March 5, 2020
EYE conference visit of French Engineering Association BNEI

From 22nd to 24th November 2019, two of our management team, Ingo Roller and Maximilian Rettinger attended the annual national conference of BNEI (association of young French engineers). This forum was held by the young engineers at the ESTACA école d’ingenieurs, in the south of Paris.

The idea for this visit was born in October 2019 at the Conference of the Young European Engineers in Madrid during a conversation with Constantin Foreau, former President of the BNEI. Besides the idea of spreading out the EYE vision and improving the image of European engineers, the main ideas were to deepen the German-French relationship, building up new connections as well as a lively exchange of ideas.

The conference started on Friday evening with a joint dinner and first discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Saturday was the most important day of the weekend with workshops, discussion rounds, lectures and the election of the new President of the BNEI and its deputies: Julien Doche has been elected as the new president of BNEI for the upcoming year. Furthermore, a gala dinner was held on Saturday evening near the hotel. Among many other topics, the focus was on sustainability in society and concrete plans to prevent alcohol abuse by pupils and students. In France, a large number of young people died in the past under the influence of alcohol. As a non-profit association, BNEI tries to raise awareness of this problem. Members of the association are committed to educate young people about the risks and to create a bigger awareness of the problems of alcohol misuse. In this context, they try to build up a responsibility towards society.

On Saturday during the day and at the gala dinner the discussions focused on topics such as the different education systems for engineers, as well as on how to link young engineers throughout Europe in order to develop solutions to problems that affect all European engineering associations. Through fruitful discussions, a lot was learned about the structure and the way how BNEI operates and differences as well as similarities to the German association of engineers, VDI. After a few more agenda items on Sunday, the conference ended at noon. With lots of new ideas and valuable contacts in their luggage, they made their way home. To sum up, the participation in the conference was a complete success, from which not only the French and German engineers could benef, but all European ones!

Through joint creation of new ideas and good communication, new doors will be opened, borders will disappear and the idea of a European identity will be strengthened. Therefore, we plan to continue our participation in conferences and excursions together with cross-border associations.

Article written by Maximilian Rettinger and Ingo Roller