Our Governance

Our Governance

EYE Council

EYE is governed by its Council, which is composed of two representatives from each member association. Between them they decide what the Management Team should focus on between conferences to expand and strengthen the EYE network. Recent focus has been to formalise the structure of the organisation and help it raise vital funds to continue its work. The Council meets twice a year (usually coinciding with the conferences held that year) in a European city hosted by the young members of one of the member associations.

The EYE Council also has the responsibility to vote in new member associations to EYE as well as electing the President and seven Vice Presidents to the management board. Membership of the Council is dependant on the rules of the individual member associations and Council Members are elected usually from the active younger members’ boards of their own associations.

EYE Management Team

The EYE Management Team is a responsible for delivering the vision of EYE and are held accountable by the EYE Council. The team is comprised of an elected Management Board consisting of:

  • President
  • Vice President – Human Resources
  • Vice President – Events
  • Vice President – External Relations
  • Vice President – Public Policy
  • Vice President – Member Management
  • Vice President – Public Relations
  • Vice President – Finance

The Management Board are elected for a 12 month term of office, with the exception of the President who is elected for 24 months. In addition, the Management Team includes a number of co-opted members who have specialist knowledge or skills and can support the Management Board as and when required.