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The EYE management team are responsible for the daily operations of EYE.

The team is subdivided into seven departments:

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External Relations

Translate the idea of EYE towards companies, other organisations or political institutions and create sustainable collaborations with them in order to achieve EYE`s financial independence.

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Public Policy

Focus on building the voice of EYE. Direct the analysis, development and promotion of policies that advance the vision of EYE by setting up specific study groups to achieve objectives which align with the opinion of EYE members. 

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Ensure an ongoing pipeline of events, including the biannual EYE conferences. The Events department supports the local organising teams with specific know-how in event management and shares best practices from prior conferences. Furthermore, the department ensures a steady quality of our events.

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Member Management

Maintain and develop the EYE network and take responsibility for the effective management of the EYE member associations and growth.

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Public Relations

To develop the EYE PR strategy including but not limited to coordinating EYE’s social media channels and advertising events of EYE, member associations and cooperation partners.
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Human Resources

Ensure the Management Board as well as the task force have the human capital to operate in the most efficient manner through managing recruitment and facilitating opportunities for professional development.

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To be responsible for the organizations accounts and annual financial reporting.
Making EYE financially independent.
Ensuring financial support for the realization of other departments’ projects.

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