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Our network

EYE brings together representatives from each member association to share best practices of running a young engineering association, both individually or being part of a national association. Today, EYE is representing approximately 500,000 young engineers from more than 20 countries. We are continually expanding, with a goal to represent young engineers from every country within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and ensure that members have access to attend our conferences.

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Our philosophy

We see Europe as a unity enriched by different individuals and cultures. Therefore, EYE is an international family, where engineers can get connected and share their passion for engineering, as well as their personal and professional experiences. EYE is independent and acts in the political interest of its member associations and all young engineers and engineering students with regards to topics that impact engineers.

Our structure

EYE is governed by its statutes and the EYE Council. The EYE Council is the decision-making instrument of the organisation. The council determines EYE’s future direction in consultation with the Management Team, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations to develop and implement the strategy of the organisation.

The Management Board consists of one President and (currently) seven Vice Presidents, each heading one of the seven departments.

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Establishment of EYE

  • A declaration of intent was signed by the founding associations to build a sense of community amongst young European engineers from the Netherland and Belgium (KVIV, KIVI, NILI, VIK, NIRIA).
  • New young engineering organisations began to join from Belgium, Denmark, UK, and Germany.


Initial conference

  • The first gathering took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Organisation of EYE Conference in Antwerp.

1996 - 2000

EYE conferences

  • Annual conferences were held in Copenhagen, Karlsruhe, London, Budapest, Brussels, Utrecht, Hannover and Helsinki, as an opportunity for networking and collaboration.


Announcement of EYE statutes

    • Basic principles were established, covering EYE’s objectives, membership structure, and responsibilities.
    • Launched EYE-Contact, a digital news-magazine.
    • Organised EYE Conference in the Hague and Bruges

New engineering associations are joining from France (Femmes Ingenieurs) and UK (Association of Consulting Engineers).

2003 - 2012

EYE conferences

  • Annual conferences were held across Europe as an opportunity for networking and collaboration. This includes Leuven, Cardiff, Sofia, Enschede, Malta, Düsseldorf, Hasselt, Varna, Malta, and Rotterdam.

New engineering associations are joining from Bulgaria (Federation of the Scientific-Technical Unions), Italy (Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri and GIOON), and Norway (The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists)


EYE awards and 20th anniversary

  • In September, the first EYE Award for outstanding work was awarded.
  • Annual conferences were held in Antwerp and Dublin.

2014 - 2017

EYE conferences

  • Annual conferences were held in Sarajevo, Lisbon, Hannover, and Bristol, as an opportunity for networking and collaboration.

New engineering associations are joining from Portugal (Ordem Dos Engenheiros) and the UK (EYE UK).


Foundation EYE

  • European Young Engineers MTÜ as a non-profit organisation was founded and registered in Tallinn.
  • The management team structure was developed into a larger department-based organisation as it is known today.
  • A new vision was set at the EYE conference in Malta

New engineering associations are joining from Macedonia (Engineering institute Macedonia), Sweden (Sveriges Ingenjörer), Spain (Consejo General de la Ingeniería Técnica Industrial de España), the Czech Republic (EYE Czech Republic), and Croatia (EYE Croatia)


New vision for EYE

  • At the EYE conference in Eindhoven, our vision – “The voice of young engineers in Europe” – was officially recognised by our member associations.

New engineering associations are joining from Spain (Instituto de Graduados en Ingeniería e Ingenieros Técnicos de España & Instituto de la Ingeniería de España), Italy (Consiglio Nazionale Periti Industriali) and Estonia (The Student Council of The School of Engineering INSÜK).


EYE’s first online conference

  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, EYE innovated its annual conference with a parallel topic – “Overcoming New Challenges”

New engineering associations are joining from Lithuania (Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers), Greece (EYE Greece) and Cyprus (Cypriot Association of Science and Engineering).


EYE’s UN Observer Status

  • EYE became an official observer of the UN

This widened EYE’s opportunities – with attendance at COP28 in Dubai and SB60 in Bonn connecting the community at the worlds largest conferences.


Update to EYE Statutes

  • Transforming the EYE council process and introducing a new “Global Associate” membership status for engineering institutions outside of Europe

EYE recruits new council members for Slovak Society of Chemical Engineers (SSCHI), Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), European Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE) and Georgian Society of Civil Engineers (GSCE).