European Young Engineers

The voice of young engineers in Europe

European Young Engineers (EYE) is an international non-profit organisation that represents more than 350,000 young engineers from all different disciplines


European Young Engineers aims to be the voice of young engineers in Europe.


To realise the voice of young engineers in Europe, make it heard and get into dialogue with important stakeholders.

Strategy / Goals

To foster collaboration between engineers in Europe, be the leading platform for young engineers, gather required resources and make our work visible.

All About Us

More than an organisation

We are more than just an organisation, we are an international family.
We work together and share our passion for engineering, as well as our personal and professional experiences.


Representing your voice

We take your views and represent them to influencers and policy makers to ensure they are heard.  

Get connected

Being part of our network opens up a world of new connections that can help and support you. Become part of this network and benefit on both a personal and professional level.


Who we are

European Young Engineers (EYE) is a non-profit organisation, serving the needs of and representing young engineers of all disciplines within the European Higher Educaton Area (EHEA).

Founded in 1994, EYE has been organising conferences for over 25 years to bring young engineers together so that they may share their knowledge and experience, and gain an insight into living and working abroad.

EYE is composed of 26 member associations, which are a combination of national engineering associations, student organisations and grassroots young engineers groups. Through their membership, any individual who is a member of such an association may be considered a European Young Engineer and is able to participate in the community and attend conferences.

EYE also brings together representatives from each member association, offering opportunities to share best practices of running a young engineers’ association either individually or as part of a national engineering association. EYE therefore has benefits not just for the young engineers, but also association leaders and staff who can leverage EYE membership to help develop and improve their own associations.

Representing the voice of young engineers in Europe

One of EYE’s strategic objectives is to enable and encourage the mobility of young engineers throughout Europe. To better understand the viewpoint of young engineers about existing instruments in the EU that facilitate the mobility of European engineers, we conducted a survey amongst individual young
engineers and national engineering associations. The survey concerns the topic of professional mobility, in particular the
Professional Qualifications Directive, the European Professional Card and the Common Training Principles. 


Bringing young engineers in Europe together

Every year we hold two conferences, hosted by our member associations, in different European locations. These conferences give our community the chance to network, develop and learn whilst exploring new countries. Conferences typically include a mix of technical talks, panel discussions, soft skill workshops, technical visits and social events including our infamous gala dinners! 


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