The European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) helps industrial companies to attract, retain and develop their next generation leaders. Together with its global network of members, partners and individuals the EIIL researches issues these leaders will face in their workplace of the future. Knowledge is generated by research consortia and shared within an active network through conferences (i.e. 2020 Sustainability in Our Industry – Can being Part of the Solution attract talent?) or developmental workshops focused on various topics such as Ent-Ex, a three days workshop to develop entrepreneurial skills. Our collaboration mainly lies in supplying speakers for plenary talks or even workshops. Together with EIIL we closely work on developing young career-driven engineers in getting and improving their leadership skills.


European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI)
SInce 1951, FEANI is a non profit and non political organisation that unites 32 different national engineering associations with more than six million professional european engineers from the European Higher Education Area. Similar to EYE, FEANI strives to generate one common voice to represent professional engineers in Europe for example by the attribution of the EUR ING professional title. Through the European Commission FEANI is recognised as a representative of the engineering profession. The main goal is to contribute to the recognition of engineers competence in society and their worldwide mobility. The similarities in the structure and objectives of both associations leads to a natural collaboration to make use of the synergies such as exchange of information or technical knowledge.


The ENHANCE alliance consists of seven leading European Universities with a focus on science and engineering: Chalmers University of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Politecnico di Milano, Technische Universität Berlin, Universitat Politècnica de València, Warsaw University of Technology. Its intention is to create a new academic environment for the interaction between innovative technological progress and the society. The alliance is committed to sustainable research and education in science and technology by employing inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and co-creation methods tackling the main global challenges. As a project partner EYE gives general advice on the development of the project, learning initiatives, as well as collaborative efforts.

eurotech universities

EuroTeQ Engineering Universities has been developed by a consortium of leading technical universities (technical universities of Munich, Lyndby, Prague, Tallinn, Eindhoven and Ecole Polytechnique Paris) in engineering and science in Europe. The program fosters a strong cohesion between education, research innovation and service to society in order to aspire to value co-creation of technology. EYEs beneficial role as one of the associated partners is to contribute to the 5 core activities of the project (EuroTech Campus, EuroTech Challenge, EuroTech Professional, EuroTech Monitor, and the EuroTech Outreach) through the implementation of activities and the exchange of expertise. Here you can learn more about the project.


As part of the Engineers Europe Advisory Group (EEAG) EYE supports this initiative in three main areas:

1) We foster stronger relations between academia, professionals and the STEM industry

2) We reinforce the brand of the engineering profession and increasing its visibility

3) We emphasise on the digital dimension as a common denominator that connects these areas

The EEAG aims to become the leading voice of European engineers and establish an approach that will assist in the provision of effective solutions to the challenges of the European economies. In doing so, we hope to successfully promote the interests of European engineers.


YOUNGO are close partners with EYE and the work that we do to represent the voice of young people through the UNFCCC process. EYE have strong partnerships to the YOUNGO policy, science and energy teams – helping to network, deliver capacity building and voice policy positions at various external based conferences. 

As young engineers, we particular see the importance of upholding scientific reasoning and ensuring well-educated technical competence. Working with YOUNGO, we aim to ensure this is upheld competently throughout all youth-led policy work.


herCAREER is the leading exhibition for women’s career planning, enables students and graduates to talk to exciting role models from business, science, culture, politics and the media at eye level. Around 220 exhibitors and partners are participating. These include attractive employers who promote equal opportunities, as well as numerous offers for a better work-life balance, further training opportunities and all aspects of starting a business. Based on a scientifically founded questionnaire technique and with the help of algorithms, the visitors receive personalized matches to the exhibitors’ offers, lectures and meet-ups, but also for a professional exchange with the stand team and the speakers.