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For the first time, EYE has officially recognised our organisational values


 As part of redefinining ourselves as the newest 2023-2024 board of EYE, we made it our aim to capture the spirit of what European Young Engineers within a set of brand new values. As a pan-european organisation of multidisciplinary engineers, we know the scope must be wide to define all of what EYE stands for. Below, you can see each of these values put into context by the EYE board and the EYE council of #EYESkopje2023.



    Water Reuse paper

    – We recognise that EYE is far stronger in representing young engineers when we work together.
    – We endeavour to welcome young engineers of all backgrounds, treating each-other with respect and creating a positive working environment.
    – We listen carefully and always encourage proactive communication

    skopje group
    skopje nm panel


    – We recognise that only by being honest and open can we address items effectively – no matter the context.
    – EYE members act with integrity in our ambitious practical targets.
    – Our decisions are made collectively and boldly with informed confidence based upon factual, reliable information.

    – It is crucial to be adaptable in an everchanging world.
    – We embrace change and encourage thinking outside the box.
    – Our collective visions guide our innovation and fuel the commitment we have to ambitious goals – delivering a bright future for young engineers across the continent.

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    the hague vps

    – It is the responsibility of EYE to provide a platform to enable young engineers to connect.
    – Only by holding ourselves accountable can our volunteered efforts deliver on this.
    – Our members courageously dedicate themselves towards the EYE mission with discipline, integrity, and those we represent at the forefront.