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Episode Description

We’re very pleased to share with you the second horEYEzon​ episode with Mr. Juergen Nowicki – Executive Vice President and CEO of Linde​ Engineering.

In this episode, we talk about plant construction and plant engineering in modern times as well as the challenges of the industry and we get to know Mr. Nowicki better! We would like to thank Mr. Juergen Nowicki for sharing his knowledge with the next generation of European engineers.

Watch the full episode on YouTube.


Find out more about Juergen Nowicki: https://www.linde-engineering.com/en/about-linde-engineering/executive-leadership-team/juergen-nowicki/index.html



  • Juergen Nowicki, Executive Vice President and CEO of Linde Engineering
  • Yasmine Kechaou, Lead Network of European Engineers in Politics (working group of European Young Engineers)

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  • Yen-Yu Chang


  • Yen-yu Chang

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  • João Miguel Pinheiro Petraglia Margutti
  • Anna Arndt
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  • Sascha Dünnebier
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