Frederik Schulze Spüntrup |
Frederik has lived, worked and studied in 7 countries in recent years and gained a deep background in engineering, mathematical optimization and management. As the President he highlights the importance of a common voice of young engineers in Europe and supports the VPs to fulfill the vision and mission of EYE.

Elisabeth Nilsson |
Vice President – Human Resources
Elisabeth is based in Sweden and holds an MSc in Chemical engineering with a main technological interest in energy conversion. She has a passion for developing efficient working teams and learning about engineering working styles across Europe. Before university, she worked semi-professionally as an equestrian.

Karsten Hoekzema |
Vice President – Conferences & Events
Karsten is a civil engineer and is currently combining his masters (Technology and Operations Management) at the University of Groningen with his job as a project engineer in the maritime industry. As chairman of the Young KIVI Engineers (a department of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers) he represents Young KIVI Engineers in the EYE council. After a year of being in the EYE taskforce and being part of the EYE@Eindhoven conference team, Karsten was elected as the VP for events.

Mathias Weinmann |
Vice President – External Relations

Milda Pladaité |
Vice President – Public Policy

Petros Kkolas |
Vice President – Member Management
Petros is a Highways Engineer at WSP in the UK. He is also an ambassador of the Global Initiative of WSP – Future Ready. He is a member of the secretariat of the Federation of Cypriots in the UK, responsible for media liaison for its Campaigns. As VP for member management, he is responsible for maintaining communication between the existing members of the EYE and the growth of the network to more countries across Europe.

Rhys Phillips
Vice President – Public Relations |
Rhys is an electromagnetism scientist at Airbus in Toulouse, an honorary lecturer at Cardiff University and an ambassador’s council member for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. As VP for public relations, he is responsible for all external communication including press liaison and social media.

Temenuga Georgieva |
Vice President – Finance