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Nadja Yang


Born and raised in Germany, Nadja is pursuing her PhD in Systems Engineering at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar now. He has been awarded as Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe, The Top 50 Women in Engineering #WE50, and Diana Award, among many others.

At the intersection of engineering, industry and policy, she strives to foster the paradigm shift and innovation bundles required to achieve a climate-neutral, digital, just, social, competitive, and healthy Europe.

Gregory Barrere

Gregory Barrere

Vice President (Public Policy)

Gregory is a geoscientist and engineer working in the energy sector in Oslo, Norway. He holds a MSc in Geological Engineering from ENSG Nancy, France and a specialized engineering graduate degree from IFP School. After representing engineering students in BNEI in France, Gregory has been involved with EYE Public Policy to help pulling engineering and policy-making together.

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Francisco Salas

Vice President (Events)

Francisco is an Industrial Engineer (UAH Spain) and technology consultant. He is a current member of COGITI (EYE’s Spanish partner). During his bachelor, Francisco was involved in student representation (AERRAAITI) and volunteering for multiple organisations.

In 2021 he was included in the Spanish Top Engineering Graduates ranking (SEDEA) and became Spanish champion of university debate (LEDU 21).

Anna Arndt e1666190525625

Anna Arndt

Senior Vice President (Finance)

Anna is an industrial engineer from Germany working in the automotive industry while studying part-time for her master’s degree with focus on digitalization. She is interested in long-life-learning and meeting people with diverse backgrounds to shape the future of Europe. As Vice President of Finance, she is responsible for the financial accounts of EYE.

Nick Philippi e1666190626538

Nick Philippi

Senior Vice President (Member Management)

Nick is a student in Mechanical and Process Engineering. With experiences in Leading an EYE Department and Leo Clubs, he always strives for the optimum in his workinggroup, by forming a great team structure and bringing the individual members to their peak performance.


Angela Chiecchio

Vice President (Public Relations)

Angela is a PhD Student in Civil Structural, Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and researcher in the framework of Next Generation EU and Italian PNRR

She will pursue her PhD in Na-tech environmental accidents triggered by strong earthquakes on industrial plants. She has carried out researches hosted by RINA S.p.A., an Italian multinational company operating in the marine sector, with a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Lukas Lehmann e1666190840710

Lukas Lehmann

Vice President (External Relations)

Lukas is a Mechanical Engineer, currently pursuing his Master’s degree. He has a background in the Water Treatment sector and is passionate about Technology and the Interconnection of People. As VP for External Relations he is responsible for building up and maintaining collaborations with companies, institutions and other organisations.

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Gayatri Sundar Rajan

Vice President (Internal Relations)

Gayatri Sundar Rajan is currently a Chemical Engineering DPhil student at the University of Oxford focused on developing water treatment technologies for low-to-middle income countries. She is interested in the water-energy-food nexus to drive sustainability and well-being globally.

A strong believer in the power of community to sustain rich collaborations, foster new ideas, and support learning experiences, Gayatri aims to foster and grow EYE’s community and internal practices as interim Vice-President of Internal Relations.

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