horEYEzon #1: Interview with the Chairman of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – Engineering meets Consulting

December 6, 2020

The first episode of our online series horEYEzon is online! We had the honour to speak to the BCG Global Chairman and former CEO Dr Hans-Paul Bürkner. The interview has been moderated by EYE’s Vice President of Public Policy Nadja Yang.

The interview covers topics such as the future of work, new work, remote working, sustainability, engineering, public policy, digitalisation, management consulting and some personal aspects of BCG’s first and only European CEO Dr Hans-Paul Bürkner.

Watch the full episode on YouTube and listen to Dr Bürkner’s perspective on the relevance of young engineers and more:

Thanks to the entire horEYEzon team for making this possible and thanks to Warum Media, StrandFabrik and Hua Yang Business Services & Consulting GmbH for the support!

Stay tuned for the next episode, starring the CEO of the largest industrial gas company worldwide.