Public Policy

As part of EYE’s aim to represent the voice of young engineers in Europe, we have established a number of Public Policy working groups with an overarching aim to foster social, economic and environmental value to the societies. We also publish a number of position papers on topics of importance to our members.

Position Papers

Engineer’s Mobility in Europe (download)
The European Young Engineers conducted a survey amongst individual young engineers (n=223, 24 nationalities) and four national engineering associations (representing a cumulative number of about 45,000 young engineers). The survey concerns the topic of professional mobility, in particular the Professional Qualifications Directive, the European Professional Card and the Common Training Principles. The survey concludes that a modernisation of the single market for the engineering profession is needed and that the European Professional Card or similar approaches would help to foster mobility. The European Commission should involve organisations representing young professionals into the development of policies that aim to address the topic of professional mobility.